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Texas Cracks Down On Surprise Medical Billing

56 minutes ago

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3 hours ago

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Warhammer 40,000 Adeptus Mechanicus Sydonian Dragoon 679

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How European Leaders View The Rising Tensions Between The U.S. And Iran

3 hours ago

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Warhammer Metal Giant Vintage Painted AoS OOP
4 hours ago
6ftx4ft Warhammer 40k Deployments Martian Gaming Mat

  • Chattanooga's Terra Nostra closes its doors next month after 17 years.
  • Huntsville, Alabama gets ready for the Rocket City Summer Fest.
  • Author Mary Alice Monroe - in a conversation with Richard Winham.
  • These voices - and more - on today's encore edition of "Scenic Roots."

Ray Bassett is the host of "Scenic Roots" - produced by Haley Solomon, Karley Dodson, Abby Lusk and Will Davis.

Warmaster - Bretonnian Men At Arms - 10mm - PAINTED
15mm napoleonic russian - light composite 16 figures - cav (26797) 4 hours ago
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With less than two weeks left in the U.S. Supreme Court's term, the justices handed down four decisions on Monday. Defying predictions, three were decided by shifting liberal-conservative coalitions.

Here, in a nutshell, are the results, as well as the fascinating shifting votes:

Dual sovereignty upheld, with Ginsburg, Gorsuch dissenting

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Medieval Troops - 25mm scale

Dr. Louise Aronson says the U.S. doesn't have nearly enough geriatricians — physicians devoted to the health and care of older people: "There may be maybe six or seven thousand geriatricians," she says. "Compare that to the membership of the pediatric society, which is about 70,000."


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